Performance Management and Kaizen
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Which are the TPM pillars?

TPM Pillars The TPM pillars are core elements in any continuous improvement program in the journey to Operational Excellence

Total Productive Maintenance has a foundation with pillars. These pillars are specific subjects and are connected by the team based approach.

The foundation supports the rest of the building:

Safety, Health and Environment

- Policy Alignment and Policy Deployment

- Loss Analysis and Overall Equipment Effectiveness: OEE

Behavior and Leadership Style are very important ingredients for TPM to work. It is about teamwork, engagement which also implies delegation of tasks and responsibilities!

The TPM pillars:

- 5S workplace organization and standardization

- Autonomous Maintenance / First Line Maintenance / Operator Driven Reliability

Training & Education

- Planned Maintenance

- Focused Improvement

- TPM in Office

- Early Equipment Management

- Quality Maintenance