Performance Management and Kaizen
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Performance Management and Kaizen

Are these challenging times for your organization? Creating more value for your customers, and at the same time reducing costs and improving the quality? Improve ownership at all levels?

TPF Europe is a consultancy specialized in change management and process improvement, both in manufacturing industries as in service organizations. Our track record includes multinational companies in electronics, chemical process, pharmaceutical and food industries, call centers, ceramic and service industries. Our strength is the conceptual knowledge combined with implementation experience: how to get things realized on the shop floor. In order to achieve lasting results, we always work together with the local people. Operational Excellence combines "Best Practices" from Performance Management and Continuous Improvement. When you want to grow your company and make improvement part of daily work we can help you.

Productivity Training, Coaching, Consulting, Project Management

With our international experts network we can provide Training, Coaching, Consulting and Project Management in several countries and languages (mostly native people) in a multi-cultural environment. We always provide support tailored to your needs, tailored to your situation, since every organization is unique.

Core improvement programs are: TPM (Total Productive Maintenance), Lean Management and (Lean) Six Sigma. In order to integrate this into the company culture, Leadership, Performance Management / Daily Management System and Team Performance are crucial for success.

Strategic Planning

An important factor for continuous process improvement is the implementation plan. What are we going to do and in which sequence? What do we need to do this effectively; do we have all necessary skills? How are we going to celebrate successes? The implementation plan gives an answer to these questions and is therefore a key element for any improvement program.

Training Material and Training Programs

We also develop training material and elearning. With our customers we have developed an online 5S video elearning training and 5S certification program with training manual which is available in English, French, Spanish, Italian, Dutch and Arabic. 

When you have any questions please feel free to contact us, we'll be glad to assist you!